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This blog is what the title suggests – my reactions to the world around me, for better or worse.  Sometimes no words are necessary; a simple blank stare will more than suffice to express my incredulity, confusion, disgust, amusement or myriad other responses to what I see.  When I can muster words, I’ll purge them here, in all their glory.

In my day to day life, I’m a student affairs professional.  I’m a nerd/captain random, so it’s only fitting that I indulge my random interests:

  • criminal justice reform: mandatory drug sentencing laws, juvenile incarceration & education and police brutality
  • family law: custody precedents, foster care, adoption
  • music: mostly hip-hop, but I’ll listen to anything at least once
  • food: I’m a self-proclaimed fat kid at heart.  You can find my food and restaurant reviews at Bites.
  • books: I’m more content with a good book than I am with good company. I will read just about anything for the sake of adding it to my list, but I prefer mysteries (Agatha Christie), suspense (Dean Koontz, David Ellis), and black fiction (think more EJD than Zane). To that end, I write book reviews, which you can find at Words on Words.
  • history: I’m all about stuff that happened before I was around to see it. I’m especially into antebellum life and have a mini-obsession with plantations. *shrug*

I’m also mom to a wonderful little girl I refer to as COM (child o’ mine). She’s the sunshine of my life, and her antics have become fodder for a lot of my posts. I’ll probably never post pictures of here on this blog (sorry to disappoint), not because I’m averse to her images being online, but because she’s already on my other stuff enough.