Daily Archives: September 25, 2008

The Idiot’s Guide to Genealogy

Few people know how much I love genealogy. It’s the most fulfilling thing in my life aside from Coco, and she’s partly the reason I’m so into it. In any case, I’ve wanted to do this kind of post for a while, so here goes. By the way, this is going to be long. Sorry. First things first: I’m not a licensed genealogist, so I think you should take my advice with a grain of salt. There are tons of people who are trained in the many ways of genealogical research, but I’m not one of them. This is just a list of what I’ve found to be most helpful in my own research. Some of this may work for you, some I’m sure won’t. Likewise, I’m sure some options may not even be options for you (you’ll see what I mean by that soon). Oh well. Just take from it what you will. If you don’t know much about your family, I’ll give you this precaution: you WILL find out something you didn’t know before … probably something the people you call family did NOT want you to know, sometimes for good reason. Accept it, try not to make […]