Daily Archives: March 2, 2010

Trying something new

So in an attempt to post more regularly, I’m taking topic suggestions from others.  Today’s post is inspired (I use that term very loosely) by the lyrics of Dilated Peoples’ “You Can’t Hide, You Can’t Run” off of 20/20, one of my FAVE albums of theirs. Anways, here goes. I guess what jumps out at me most from this song is the title (duh).  In my personal life, I’m finding that I keep running into the same things. Call them what you will — issues, problems, concerns, obstacles, opportunities, etc. It’s the same stuff over and over.  It’s like a real life Groundhog’s Day.  But I haven’t seen a happy ending … I haven’t seen that movie in so long I don’t even know if there is one.  But the point remains. In my personal life, I keep seeing the same relationship problems crop up with different people.  And logically one would think to examine the common denominator, which is me.  And it makes sense.  If I keep seeing the same problems no matter who I’m with, the only rational conclusion is that the problem lies with me.  After my (2nd to) last failed attempt at dating, I took the […]

Glad you see it, because I don’t

I found out today that I've been nominated for two different awards, one for grad student service and another for advocacy for commuter students. o_0 It's the same feeling I got when I won the award of excellence for the building I work in a couple years back.  Me? I guess I just do what I do and exist in a vacuum of sorts.  I forget there's always people around watching me.  I appreciate that they think I do good work … but I always feel undeserving. Not that I don't work hard or anything, because I do.  But I guess I just see it as something that you're supposed to do, regardless.  I always hold myself to the standards of the others I see around me, and wonder how I measure up. In my own eyes, I don't, which is probably why I find it so weird that others think I'm great (their words, I promise you). Am I really that good?  I always want to keep pushing to live up to these standards people seem to have for me … I just don't want to fail them.