Glad you see it, because I don’t

I found out today that I've been nominated for two different awards, one for grad student service and another for advocacy for commuter students.


It's the same feeling I got when I won the award of excellence for the building I work in a couple years back.  Me?

I guess I just do what I do and exist in a vacuum of sorts.  I forget there's always people around watching me.  I appreciate that they think I do good work … but I always feel undeserving.

Not that I don't work hard or anything, because I do.  But I guess I just see it as something that you're supposed to do, regardless.  I always hold myself to the standards of the others I see around me, and wonder how I measure up. In my own eyes, I don't, which is probably why I find it so weird that others think I'm great (their words, I promise you).

Am I really that good?  I always want to keep pushing to live up to these standards people seem to have for me … I just don't want to fail them.

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