Daily Archives: April 8, 2010

Spectacular? No, not really

I’ll say this up front. I’m basing my statements on 3 things: The actual video.  Her video statement. Her official released statement. (Caveat: I’m just posting this link because it is the closest I could find to include what I think is the statement in its entirety.  I’m not familiar with the blogger or the blog’s slant. Read it at your own risk because I’m not endorsing it.) Now that I took care of that, I have another disclaimer: I think the song and video are terrible from a musical standpoint.  I don’t like her voice and the video doesn’t float my boat.  This is not taking into account the content and representations in the video.  Moving on. This is an interesting situation.  The public is outraged at her depiction of a situation; she claims she’s doing it for a noble reason. Hm. I can accept her argument that the song and video are meant to call attention to the very reckless and dangerous behaviors of some women who partake in casual sex.  I just think it was poorly executed.  Neither the song nor the video offer any commentary, real or imagined.  It’s a declarative statement, at best.  A documentary, if you will. […]

Can I live?

This post should be titled "#gothatway" because that's really how I'm feeling right now.   I know I'm antisocial (mildly agoraphobic) but I'm starting to get frustrated with peoples' inability to accept that about me.  I am much more of a homebody than most people understand, and I think my attempts to meet them half-way is giving them the wrong impression.  I'm a social networking whore, so I'm pretty much on FB, Twitter, Tumblr, Gchat, AIM, Yahoo, etc. ALL DAY LONG. It's almost unheard of for me to not have my phone right next to me, and I constantly log in to my email.   Having said that, I'm terrible about getting back to people.  Mainly because in my old age, I'm getting absent minded.  While for the most part, I have a photographic memory, I am terrible about following up with people when it requires I do something first.  It's the main reason I'm also a sticky-note whore.  At any given time I have at least ten going in each office, reminding me to call people back, check the status on projects, and finish up tasks.    The problem is that all of this has hindered (that word has much […]