What in the holy hell?

Note: I wrote this earlier in the week but sat on it while I composed my thoughts, or at least calmed down enough to articulate myself.

Few things totally baffle my mind. The two that always do are related: rape and pedophilia.  I am disgusted by both, but pedophilia brings forth a rage from inside me parallel to NOTHING else I’ve ever felt.  It is, honestly speaking, a feeling that I’m not comfortable with … it’s so intense and so … uncontrolled.  It doesn’t happen often, thank goodness, but God forbid something ever happened to COM, I’d let it loose with no remorse.

It seems like I’ve been bombarded the subject all friggin day long, and my blood has been boiling since I got in the car at 7:30 this morning. First, the local radio stations were talking about the uproar caused by comedienne Mo’Nique’s family being on Oprah and talking about how she was molested by her brother.  That segued into the topic of molestation within families, especially in the black community. Then, I was hearing about Catholic priests molesting boys (what’s new there?).  Now, I click on this link in Okayplayer and I wanted to maim someone. I mean that so sincerely, from the depths of my soul.

Here’s the link: http://tinyurl.com/y7v5tbb.


There are so many things wrong with this clip.  To keep myself even remotely on topic, I’ll number them:

  1. What grown man thinks it’s OK to kiss a young girl on the mouth? I think the rare exception to this is when you’re dealing with a toddler … maybe. I know COM has a tendency to grab my face and kiss me on the lips, which is gross, but not unheard of. I’ve seen/heard of parents that dont’ hesitate to kiss their kids on the mouth, but honestly … I know where mom and dad’s mouths have been and well, I’ll pass on passing that on to COM haha.  But when a person outside the nuclear family tries to kiss a child, it creeps me out. It’s just inappropriate.
  2. What mother (and presumably father) allows a man to kiss their child, on the lips, no less? Parents have the ultimate responsibility of protecting their children from any and all harm.  To see how these mothers let a grown man kiss on their young daughters absolutely disgusts me.
  3. Why is everyone sitting idly by while he harasses these little girls?  He literally badgers them for resisting his advances, and not one of the parents does anything tangible to get him to stop.  I wish a person would disregard what COM says. I’d bring down the wrath on them so quick, they’d wish they’d never seen her.  What is wrong with someone who completely ignores these girls when they’re so CLEARLY uncomfortable with him? The parents and adults around needed to develop a backbone.
  4. What lesson does this teach these little girls? There are three that jump out to me:
  • No means keep asking until you get a yes, even when you know the other person is uncomfortable with it.
  • If you’re bigger than someone else, you can pressure them into giving you what they want.
  • No one is going to protect you.
Those are the kinds of lessons we can’t afford to have females today internalizing. It’s the reason rape reports are so low and issues like molestation run rampant.  If COM never learns anything else from me, I hope she learns that her father and I love her more than life itself and would not hesitate to kill someone who hurt her (I mean that so literally. SO literally), that she can always rely on her own autonomy, and that people need to respect her word.

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