Daily Archives: August 28, 2010

Take your time!

For those who noticed (or care, for that matter), Montgomery County, Md.’s public school system’s superintendent is stepping down in June. The Post, of course, wrote an article reflecting on Jerry Weast’s service and accomplishments, noting how remarkable the length of his tenure has been. The article cites that most superintendents last three to five years before facing burnout. If nearby jurisdictions are any indication, this rings true. Weast took the helm in Montgomery County in 1999. That same year, Iris T. Metts took over as the first woman to lead neighboring Prince George’s County Public Schools (while I haven’t looked at her policies with a critical eye, I remember not being fond of her at all while in high school … but I think she had a hand in voting “yes” for a substantial competitive scholarship I received. *tips hat*). Despite being fired by the school board (then reinstated after the state dissolved the school board) Metts’ served until February 2003, when she chose not to seek a renewal of her contract. Next, Andre J. Hornsby became the chief of PGCPS in spring 2003, but resigned from office in May 2005 amid investigation (and subsequent convictions) for federal corruption […]