Daily Archives: June 15, 2011

Happily Ever After?

I think every parent who isn’t married to their child(ren)’s other parent has had to dodge questions about marriage plans.  I know I’ve gotten this question at least every 2 months since my daughter was born.  For the record: her father and I are not married, and I’m fine with that.   I’ve realized I’m in much too selfish of a phase in my life to want to commit to another person for the rest. of. my. life. Maybe my thoughts will change in a few years, but right now, the idea of such a commitment makes me scrunch up my face. Do you have any idea how long the rest of your natural life is? I don’t (because who can see the future). Anyway, I’m always really offended and bothered that people are so consumed with the marriage plans of people they aren’t involved with. Meaning, why are you being so nosey? I’m generally really private with my relationships, and even when I let people know I’m in one, the details I offer or reveal upon inquiry are limited.