Little-known fact about me? I eat food for comfort.  If I’m bored, I might snack a lil.  But when I’m in turmoil, it’s all about what food makes me happy, right then and there.

Tonight, it’s peanut butter, straight from the jar. It’s a good thing my daughter doesn’t like peanut butter, because I’d feel bad feeding her a PBJ with my saliva remnants. It’s not even that it’s doing anything. I’m just enjoying the peanut buttery goodness and enjoying the distraction from my life right now.

I’m so blown. Not even blown just frustrated. I feel like I’m being misunderstood. And not even so much me as it is my intentions, actions, and words. Sometimes I wish I could just let people connect to my brain so they understood my thought process because I’m just not communicating things well right now.

*pulls another spoonful out of the jar*

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