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Day 10 — One confession.

This is neither the correct “Day 10” (about a week late) nor my most guarded secret. But it is something I grapple with every day. I’m 26 and I still don’t know what I want to do with my life. I enjoy a lot of things, but I’ve always felt that I’m not that great at the things I really love. Somehow, I’m fantastic at the things I get no enjoyoment from, like being a journalist. I have two BAs that I don’t think I really “use” because I don’t have the heart to be a reporter and have too many personal conflicts with basic principles of the field.  So now I’m about to finish grad school and when people ask me what I want to do … I’m not  really sure. The only thing I really know is that I want to work with students and I want to help people. They’re amazing to be around, and I really want to help them navigate the college environment, red tape and all. I wish I had figured this out 5 years ago, but … such is life.

Day 5 — Six things that you wish you had never done.

Inevitably, these types of questionnaires, surveys, etc. always ask about regrets. Some people try to be noble and say none, citing the negative experiences as “character builders” … not me. I absolutely regret actions I’ve taken in my life. Without further ado, here’s a partial list of things I wish I’d never done: Gone to an in-state college. The longer I’m at my college, the more I wish I’d gotten a taste of something else. Not necessarily the type of intitution, but the locale. Part of me thinks I would have adjusted eventually to a city school, like NYU which was one of my interests.  Part of me wishes I had gone to a much smaller, private school far, far away from here.  I also toy with wondering whether an HBCU might have been a positive experience.  Either way, I will have earned 3 degrees from the same institution, and I can’t help but wonder whether it was the best choice in terms of my personal growth. Forwent law school.  So, when I graduated undergrad I took a year off from school and worked, then I started my Masters program. In that year off, Rutgers School of Law – Camden […]

The difference a year made

I’ve been in a reflective mood lately, especially about the last year of my life. I suppose I’m a bit different from most since I don’t think of my years from January – December. Ever the “professional student,” I see it from Fall to Summer, meaning about September to August. So much has changed in that time for me, in nearly every aspect of my life. Whether educationally, professionally, socially, romantically, etc., nothing is what it was last September, and it’s hard to take in how much has changed in the last 365 days. Literally, this time last year I was getting on a bus to head up to NY for the weekend for my college roommate’s 25th birthday. Such good, care-free times. But after that point, I realize how many ups, downs, twists, and turns I had … it just gives me a stuck face. I had goals. Some I met, some I fell short of.  Some things I didn’t imagine having the opportunity to do, yet I completed them.  And some people came into my life, while others two-stepped their way out.  It makes me wonder what this year will hold for me. I certainly have goals, things I’d like to do, […]