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It’s not about you …

Recently there have been a number of prominent student suicides across the nation, and this week a student from my institution is suspected to have committed suicide (it’s still being investigated).  In light of this, there has been conversations bubbling up in the media and I’ve observed some exchanges on social networks that have basically demonized people who commit suicide as selfish. I admit, before recently, I held the same view. I felt that suicide was arrogant in a way and cowardly in another.  I thought it was selfish of someone to take their own life, without consideration for those they’d leave behind, whether it was parents, children, spouses, or friends.  How would parents feel to lose their child?  How would children feel to grow up without a parent?  And how would friends and other family cope with the loss?

In Memory of a Sweet Little Girl I’ll Never Meet

I never met Maddie. I’d never read her mom Heather’s blog until today. I only learned about them through an internet journey to satisfy my noseyness/curiousity. But I feel this strange connection to them now, although I wish it were under much better circumstances. Maddie passed away suddenly yesterday; she was only a year and a few months old. Just a few weeks older than Coco. I can’t begin to imagine how Heather feels now, and I want to send all my love her way. Ugh I’m almost crying now. Shit, that wasn’t what I came here to do. I came to ask people to cherish the ones near you. You NEVER know what will happen in the next minutes, hours, days. But more than that, reach out to those who might need your help in ways that you can never imagine. Maddie was born prematurely, and her parents are supporting the March for Babies. I am also supporting the March in a walk next weekend and am doing my own fundraising (I want to thank EVERYONE who’s been so generous; I surpassed my two initial goals!). If anyone was planning to donate through me, please give through Maddie’s family […]