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Mind ya business? 1

This morning, Twitter is all a’flutter about a photo that was apparently posted to a teacher’s Facebook: The immediate question arose about whether the teacher overstepped her boundaries in doing the student’s hair.   Was it the teacher’s place to judge the condition of the girl’s hair? Was it OK for her to style the hair? Was it acceptable that she posted it on social media? My first reaction is that I need the whole story, but I don’t have it at all. Too often, social media captures a portion of a situation and runs wild with assumptions.  It happens all the time from celebrity deaths to everything else. People need to learn not to make snap judgments when they don’t have all of the facts in front of them. There’s no way to form an educated opinion if you don’t have a full picture (no pun intended) of what’s happening. My initial questions are myriad:  Does the girl normally come to school looking unkempt/neglected overall? Was this a one-time event?  Is the girl’s hair really all that unkempt or is it just that it was “out” instead of neatly braided/twisted?  Is her overall appearance unkempt or was it just her hairstyle?  Were the […]

Step Your Game Up, Please! 1

Hair. It’s important to all women, but hair is so much more in the black community. It’s never just a biological by-product of human life. No, it’s always seen as a political, social, economic, and ____ statement. I feel like it’s even more so when someone is natural, like it is intended to be a reflection of the person’s values more than a manifestation of their preference. I was talking to a girl friend today and she asked whether I had a steady hair stylist. I told her yes and no. Who I have style my hair is contextual: what kind of style do I want, how much flexibility do I have in time, how far am I willing to drive, how much do I want to pay, etc. I have a lady I go to for my good press & curl (my every-other-week lady), another for a good style (my special occasion lady), and another when I just need it straight in a hurry (my Dominican blowout lady). Sigh.

Happy Black Girl Day!!!! 1

In honor of Happy Black Girl Day, I’m going to write about some of the things going well in my life right now. I got my hair straigthened.  I’ve been natural for about five years, and I love my natural, napppy, kinky, ethnic — WHATEVER you want to call it — hair.  But, I miss having my hair straight sometimes.  I miss being able to just oil and wrap it at night and run a quick comb through it in the morning.  Hell, I love just being able to throw it into a ponytail if I want.  Natural hair, at least mine, doesn’t always afford that easily.  So, this morning I went to D’Juana’s to get my hair done.  Such a pampering experience. It made me really miss when I stayed in the salon every other Friday, 4pm with Miss Diane to get my press n curl.  Shoot, I might even be tempted to go back, if she weren’t so deep in D.C.  Nonetheless, I enjoyed getting my blowout, and now I have people back on their toes because they rarely recognize me when I switch my hair up (I really only wear three styles – bush, wrap, or kinky […]