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How can you not care? Did you ever? 1

The foster care system baffles me.  Not so much the mismanagement of human lives in the midst of the bureaucracy we have allowed it to become, but on the side of parents. How can you create life and not care how it turns out? I had a family member (one of four kids) who was a foster child. o_0.  To this day, it doesn’t make sense to me.  Why was the one child of four mistreated to the point where they were removed but none of the others were ever treated the same.  Why didn’t someone else step in on their behalf before it got so bad? But  my biggest question is at what point do parents stop caring about their children so strongly that they abdicate themselves from their role? What happened that was so terrible that that innocent life is no longer of any concern to you? Again, baffled. I think what pisses me off the most is when I see parents try to get their children back from the foster care system.  The presumption that a child’s best interest lies with the family is a sham.  Chances are if they were removed from their care in the first […]